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Pafos is a magical city rich with fascinating things to see and areas of exquisite natural beauty. All sorts of ancient ruins can be found here and the city is just a short journey from the untouched Akamas Peninsula, a staggering region of dramatic bays, gorges and incredible views. So what are you waiting for?

The Region

The Pafos region of Cyprus boasts many treasures, beautiful scenery, dazzling churches with their altars glittering with ancient hand painted icons and with walls filled with unique frescoes, We have perfect beaches, excellent eateries, sparkling clear blue sea, and an archaeological heritage so impressive that UNESCO has given us the status of being a National Heritage Centre. Hospitality is the first word that comes into the visitors mind when visiting the island during any season of the year. Paphians (people from Pafos) have a special knack of making visitors feel at home as soon as they step off the plane, for that warm welcome, plus the unhurried pace of daily life, makes this region of the island an instant favourite for all who come here. There are sophisticated five star hotels, wonderfully comfortable family hotels, environmentally friendly countryside rentals, and yet a short distance from the main town into the countryside visitors can feel as if they have stepped back into the old good times when people pursued simpler pleasures. Drop into any country tavern, or join the locals at the town market and you will feel the atmosphere of a way of life that has remained essentially the same for centuries. Here, family and friends gather to eat and drink and you will see how important a lust for life is in this enchanted region of Cyprus. We sincerely hope during your stay with us, you will get to know the people and learn the true meaning of the word hospitality. Many changes have taken place over the centuries with Pafos once holding the title of the Capital city in ancient times and over the past 30 years the town and its region has become a first class holiday resort. Pafos, was the European Cultural Capital on 2017, which gave a huge boost to the town that has managed to achieve the most visionary and ambitious goal in its modern history. The positive changes that have taken place have been duly recognised. As you are here for only a limited period, we do want you to make the very best of that time in between chilling out at the beach, so we have put together some activities and places of interest that will both entertain, and at the same time give you a feel for what is available to make your holiday here even more enjoyable. The Pafos Region website goes into much more detail regarding our archaeological treasures, suggestions for trips, and other activities and we suggest you click on to the site and get to know even more about what is on offer both during summer and winter months as Pafos is a place to enjoy ‘for all seasons’.

A Capital Occasion

The dream became reality Pafos, the Capital of Cyprus at Ancient times and the EU capital of Culture in 201. Pafos has managed to achieve the most visionary, the most ambitious goal in its modern history; the title of European Capital of Culture in 2017. During the Journey of EU Capital of Culture 2017 was proud of great achievements. Not only additional thousands of visitors from all over Europe visited the area but also the creation of modern infrastructure city has ameliorated the image and the aesthetics of the city. Pafos can now consider as a modern and well developed city. By making the most of the ECoC programme, Pafos turned over a new page, entered a new era and repeated the benefits throughout all sectors. By gaining the title, Pafos, like every city which receives this title, became the centre of European cultural creative activity for the 2017 which also helped the bonds with other European countries have been enhanced and will be even more enhanced in the near future. Furthermore, Pafos region ise better known in Europe and has gain further recognition from other countries as well. The main achievement was the rebirth of the city for the benefit of the present generation and future ones. Learn more at

Sun, Sea & Beaches

The Region boasts over 75km of coast with a total of 27 beaches and Blue Flag awards have been given to 16 of these beaches with the Gold award being awarded to the Pafos coastal zone. The sea is a wonderful playground for all ages, whether it’s just a gentle paddle on a daily basis or a keep fit practice, a wonderful underwater adventure zone for divers, or a way to relax just snoozing off ones breakfast lounging aboard a tour boat, or aboard your own hired sail boat, or perhaps to go fishing for Tuna with our fishing Captain when they are in season. All these water based activities are on offer to the visitor from our Dive centres to re-introduce professional divers to the region, youngsters to the delights of snorkelling with their Bubble machine classes, as well as giving daily introductory classes for adults. Our sea temperatures range from 27-16C which gives a good long dive season, so one can adventure through underwater caves, spot turtles, and keep an eye out for the many ancient remains that still lie at rest beneath the waves. There is also a very innovative Snorkelling park at the protected area of “Mpania municipal beach, which presents Divine shells - Underwater sculpture composition, a unique work of art and enrichment of marine life suitable for all members of the family A visit down to the harbour will also give you a choice of other sea going activities. There will also be thrill rides aboard various crafts, a more gentle and romantic moonlight wine and dine dinner cruise. A variety of active sea sports everything from banana rides to inflatable wheels that take to the air, also sea parachuting where you can fly above the waves and ponder from above what exciting fun sea activity you will try next? Will it be water skiing? If so, then the sea conditions here are perfect for this popular sport. Highly recommended a cruise from Latchi harbour, a lovely relaxing boat trip around one of our most beautiful coastal areas and always with a traditional lunch served to guests whilst anchored. Also relish a pre-lunch swim in the crystal clear turquoise hued waters of the Blue lagoon.


Pafos offers a wide range of excellent quality accommodation. From luxury beach hotels and resorts for chic city and spa breaks, to holiday villages and authentic back-to-basics family-run establishments, you’ll find quality accommodation to suit your every whim. Where to stay:

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Pafos has something for everyone, whether you are a sun seeker, explorer or someone looking for a relaxing holiday with great scenery. There are so many reasons to visit this beautiful part of Cyprus.


Cyprus cuisine is mainly Mediterranean with lots of fresh vegetable, fresh fish and special meat dishes. The element that characterizes the Cypriot cuisine is the freshness and the variety of dishes that you will find. The Cypriot cuisine due to its Greek and Middle East influences offer some unique dishes and culinary experiences. Among the dishes you would expect to be served in most of the Cypriot restaurants are meat of fish based meze, afelia, sheftalia, koupepia, stifado, kleftico, loukanika, lountza and halloumi cheese. However, Cyprus being a Mediterranean island has a lot of fresh fish dishes to offer. In Pafos you can also enjoy International cuisines from Asian, to European and Middle eastern.